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Madanis, an acronym of Madarasah Anak Istimewa is a program initiated by MMB to provide basic Islamic Knowledge for children with intellectual disabilities and was first established in July 2003.


Since then, Madanis has been a synonym word to the special needs student religious class. Our students comes from various background namely,  ADHD, ASD, ID, DS, MD.


Currently, MADANIS has 67 students in 4 classes with 8 teachers.


To nurture individuals through a holistic approach using a tailored curriculum in a pursuit of basic Islamic Knowledge and practices


Empowering and validating the learning journey of Madanis learners by equipping them with basic Islamic learning knowledge

For further information or enquiries, please contact Ustazah Latifah Yusoff at 6426 7149 or email at 

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