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Social Development Unit


  • Provide a relationship of mutual trust

  • Encourage clients to achieve empowerment and self-reliance

  • Facilitate integration of clients into mainstream society through activities, programmes and community participation

  • Assist to prevent loneliness, isolation and boredom among elderly/destitute clients

  • Promote active and positive ageing


What is a Befriender?

The core roles of a Befriender are to provide companionship, offer emotional support, and help develop self-confidence in our long-term Zakat recipients through conducting regular home visits.

Our long-term Zakat recipients include:

  • The elderly aged 65 years and above

  • People with Disability (PWDs)

  • Chronically ill (e.g. Kidney patient and cancer patients)

Who can be a Befriender?

A Befriender should be:

  1. Healthy and fit for befriending duties

  2. Above 21 years old

  3. Singaporean/PR Muslim with the following qualities

    • Compassion & Empathy

    • Reliable & Committed

    • Strive for excellence

    • Integrity & understands Zakat recipients' confidentiality

    • Humble & non-judgemental

Presently, there are about 20 active befrienders working together with the Social Development Officer (SDO) to assist the low income families within the Pasir Ris area.

The befrienders are matched to long term beneficiaries residing in Pasir Ris. They conduct home visit monthly or quarterly and help in monitoring clients’ progress.

For further enquiries, please contact Ustazah Sharifah Wafaa', Social Development Officer at

Financial Assistance Scheme

  • MUIS provides complementary assistance to the poor and needy Muslims residing in Singapore.

  • The applicants should first seek assistance from national assistance scheme such as Social Service Office (MSF).

  • In carrying out its purpose to help support the needy and less fortunate, Zakat is utilized to provide assistance to the different Asnaf.  At the mosque, the assistance is mainly targeted to the Fakir, Miskin and Gharimin.

  • Applications is opened to the poor and needy Muslims who are Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents who fall within the following categories

    • Per capita income (PCI) < $400

    • Single parent in need

    • Incarceration of sole breadwinner

    • Breadwinner or family members suffering from;

      • Chronic illness

      • Kidney failure

      • Mental / physical disability

    • Caregiver of disable children / persons

    • Low income family

Applications made at Al-Istighfar Mosque are only open to those residing within Pasir Ris

Other Services Available in Pasir Ris

Pasir Ris Family Service Centre (FSC)

Blk 256 Pasir Ris St 21 #01-289 S(510256)

6581 2159

Social Service Office @ Pasir Ris

120 Pasir Ris Central, Pasir Ris Sports Centre, Level 1 next to McDonalds S(519640)

1800 222 0000

Club Heal @ Pasir Ris

Blk 148 Pasir Ris St 13 #01-24 S(510148)

6899 3463

Association of Muslim Professionals

1 Pasir Ris Drive 4 S(519457)

6416 3966

Mendaki @ Pasir Ris

Blk 253 Pasir Ris St 21 #01-233 S(510253)

6585 0062

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