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Muslimin & Muslimah

Muslimin is our group of male volunteers who comes on a voluntary basis to assist in ensuring that the mosque activities are carried out efficiently and smoothly. There are about 70 registered volunteers aged between 30 to 75 years old. Muslimin group normally meet up monthly to discuss issues related to mosque activities.

Apart from the Muslimin wing, we also do have the Muslimah group of volunteers. They help to manage and coordinate some of the mosque activities, including ensuring the smooth running of tahlil and kuliah. Currently there are around 50 registered and active Muslimahs from the age of 40 to 70 years old. Just like the Muslimin, they meet up every month to discuss their roles and ways to assist the mosque.

The Jemaah are always welcomed to join our Muslimin & Muslimah group and support us towards the betterment of the mosque.

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